Tufflon-P90 high-hardness, pure polyurea with over 400% elongation, exhibits high abrasion and corrosion resistance with exceptional adhesion to well-prepared surfaces. Where long-term protection is required, Tufflon-P90 is the preferred choice.

Tufflon-P90 has a long and successful history of safely protecting the inside of dozens of concrete and steel drinking water municipal reservoirs throughout Australia. When used in conjunction with Civilox epoxy primer, Tufflon-P90 is certified safe for contact with drinking water to AS4020-2005. Finished with a smooth, continuous, cream-coloured, easy to clean surface and strongly bonded to the substrate, Tufflon-P90 has an expected 20+ year service life without blistering, debonding, cracking or flaking. Made in Australia under ISO 9001, Tufflon-P90 has the history and credentials to offer the asset owner long-term protection for the inside surfaces of major municipal drinking water storage assets.

Tufflon-P90 has many other uses such as lining chemical storage bunds, animal enclosures, crocodile ponds, steel and aluminium tippers, rail cars, pipelines, sewerage treatment plants, service station forecourts, fuel storage bunded areas, trafficable car decks etc etc.

See spray video of Tufflon-P90 being applied to steel panel tank.

See test results and certifications below

MIX RATIO 1:1 with Graco high-pressure, heated, impingement-mix, equipment
HARDNESS 90 (Shore A)
ABRASION 58 (mg lost)
TEAR 9.6 (MPa)
Other Information
  • ISO9001
  • Australian made
  • AS/NZS 4020-2005 Potable Water Approved (tested by AWQC)
  • Protects against H2S, H2SO4, Chlorine and many other chemicals
  • High elasticity and strength – continuous seamless lining resists tearing, delamination, puncturing – stretches to accommodate cyclical movement and cracks in substrate
Typical Uses
  • Concrete and Steel – protects against leaks, corrosion and wear
  • Lining Tanks used to store Drinking Water – 20 – 40 year service life
  • Ideal for use with Geofabric and Geotextile
  • Sewerage assets – protect surfaces against chemical attack and abrasion – 20 – 40 year service life
  • Lagoon and Pond lining – resists chlorine and sea water – prevents leaks
  • Waterproofing – commercial and civil roof tops, planter boxes, podiums etc
  • Chemical storage area bunding – prevents against chemical attack and leaks
  • Heavy vehicle tipper, rail car and marine lining – resists abrasion, corrosion & impact
  • Ideal for use with Geofabric to form a durable, impenetrable barrier
  • Flooring for use in wet areas such as abattoirs, commercial kitchens etc