For Direct Application to Steel

This extra-hard, pure polyurea can be applied directly to blasted steel without the need for priming. Due to its internal strength and proprietary adhesion promoters, Tufflon-D60 exhibits extraordinary strength and high adhesion of 14 MPa to prepared steel. With superior protection against wear & corrosion and over 200% elongation, Tufflon-D60 will accommodate movement in steel or aluminium substrates without cracking, debonding or flaking. It is also ideal for protecting concrete floors in warehouses from pallets with protruding nails that would rip and tear softer polyurea products.

Tufflon-D60 premium pure polyurea should be the product of choice by engineers and project leaders for protecting expensive steel & aluminium assets such as heavy transport tippers, rail cars, ocean pylons, pipelines and many other applications.

Tufflon-D60-SL variation incorporates a slip additive to help facilitate the early release of bulk dry and slurry loads in road and rail tippers. See separate TDS below.

Video below of Hydraulic Pull-off test showing 14 MPa adhesion of Tufflon-D60 to Steel.

MIX RATIO 1:1 with Graco high-pressure, heated, impingement-mix, equipment
HARDNESS 62 (Shore D)
ABRASION 15 (mg lost)
TENSILE 21.6 (MPa)
TEAR > 12 (MPa)
Other Information
  • Made in Australia under ISO9001
  • Protects against Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphuric Acid, Chlorine, Sodium Hydroxide 50% and many other chemicals
  • High elasticity and strength – continuous seamless lining resists tearing, delamination, puncturing – stretches to accommodate cyclical movement and cracks in the substrate
  • Extra high adhesion to steel – prevents corrosion and wear
  • Cathodic Disbonding Test ASTM G8-96(2003) Method B 60 days = 2mm radius
Typical Uses
  • Pipeline protection for Mining and Gas operations
  • Heavy vehicle tipper, rail car and marine lining – resists abrasion, corrosion & impact
  • Protecting steel Mining assets against wear and corrosion
  • Sewage and Water assets – protect surfaces against chemical attack and abrasion – 20+ year service life
  • Chemical storage area bunding – prevents against chemical attack and leaks