Polyaspartic Topcoat (Opalon-W90) is a two-component, 100% solids, 1:1 mix, polyaspartic with workable pot life of 30 minutes and high abrasion resistance. Used as a topcoat over Elaston-W80 or Tufflon-P90 it is highly suitable for car parks, decks, swimming pools and other areas where extreme wear and aesthetics with no colour change are required.

Polyaspartic Topcoat is fast-curing with foot traffic allowed after just 2 hours.

Polyaspartic Topcoat can be applied using plural component spray equipment such as Graco E-10hp or E-XP2 or it can be pre-mixed and applied with conventional airless spray or roller.

 Technical Information

Opalon-W90 TDS