Hybron W90

Polyurea/Polyurethane Hybrid, Spray Elastomer – WATERPROOFING GRADEcpi_38698_large[1]


MIX RATIO 1:1 with high or low pressure equipment
HARDNESS 90 (Shore A)
ABRASION 11 (mg lost) ASTM D4060-10 Taber (CS-17, 1,000g, 1,000 cycle)
TENSILE 18.6 (MPa) ASTM D412-06ae2
TEAR 9.6 (MPa)
PUNCTURE 54.4 (kgf) CNS 14263-(1998) Test index of puncture resistance
Other Information
  • Water Absorption (%) (230C, 24 hrs) – 1.04
  • Water Vapour Transmission (g/h*m2) – 0.352
  • ISO9001 Australian made
  • Protects against H2S, H2SO4, Chlorine and many other chemicals
  • High elasticity and strength – continuous seamless lining resists tearing, delamination, puncturing – stretches to accommodate cyclical movement and cracks in substrate
Typical Uses
  • Waterproofing – commercial and civil roof tops, planter boxes, podiums etc
  • Chemical storage area bunding – prevents against chemical attack and leaks
  • Ideal for use with Geofabric to form a durable, impenetrable barrier