Civilox – AS4020 approved (safe for contact with drinking water)


  • Outstanding resistance to water
  • Bonds strongly to damp, green and oily concrete
  • Ultra-low viscosity allowing good penetration deep into concrete
  • 100% solids, solvent-free (confined space safe)
  • Primer for concrete and metal substrates
  • Can be mixed with Renderfill for patching and rendering concrete
  • Resistant to amine blush and bloom
  • The primer of choice for polyurea

Civilox is a unique, two-part, epoxy system available in two versions.

  1. Civilox-18 – 100% solids with a resin to hardener mix ratio of 1:0.8 by volume
  2. Civilox-11 – 93% solids with resin to hardener mix ratio of 1:1 by volume

Civilox-18 is favoured for use in confined spaces where zero VOC’s are mandatory and when mixed with Renderfill, makes a mortar, of any desired consistency, ideal for patch repairs or rendering the exposed aggregate

Civilox-11 with its simple mix ratio of 1:1, long pot life and fast 2.5-hour cure make it an industry favourite.

Based on the same phenalkamine chemistry, both versions offer the same benefits of low viscosity, fast cure, ability to adhere strongly to damp, green and oily concrete and outstanding water resistance.

Designed specifically for priming concrete and metal substrates prior to coating with Tufflon, Elaston or other polyurea systems, Civilox is ideal for use in water, wastewater and sewerage infrastructure. Civilox-11 offers slightly longer pot life and faster cure. Both versions are highly resistant to blush, even when used under extreme conditions. They adhere strongly to difficult substrates such as inorganic zinc primer and galvanised steel.

Technical Files

Mix ratio 1:0.8
  • Two versions, 100% solids and 93% solids
  • Ideal for marine, industrial maintenance, protective and floor coating primer
  • Good chemical resistance and suitability for contact with potable water
  • Ability to cure over a wide temperature range and non-critical mix ratio allows broad coating application latitude
  • Especially acceptable for concrete or metal tank linings and pipe coatings
  • Highly resistant to water and distilled water
  • Thixotropic
Typical Uses
  • Primer for concrete and steel tanks prior to overcoating with Tufflon or Elaston polyurea
  • Concrete remediation when filled with Renderlox or fine sand
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