Aralox is a civil grade, 100% solids, low-viscosity, Epoxy Resin with high-strength physical properties. Used widely in the civil, construction and mining industries it is considered a “general purpose” epoxy. It can be mixed with sand, cement and other fillers such as microspheres and fumed silica to produce a mortar with specific properties to suit a wide range of applications. Because of its low viscosity it penetrates deep into concrete making it the primer of choice prior to overcoating with polyurea or other top coats. Due to its clear colour, Aralox can be pigmented to any colour and is therefore highly suitable for use as a protective coating on industrial and commercial floors. Carefully read TDS and MSDS before use.

GEL TIME (HRS) @ 25C 3.5
Other Information
  • 100% solids
  • Solvent free
  • Low viscosity
Typical Uses
  • Suitable for all applications where a general purpose epoxy resin is called for
  • Primer and Sealer for concrete surfaces prior to application of polyurea or polyurethane coatings – increases adhesion and minimises pin-holes
  • May be filled with various powders and sands to form a super-strong repair mortar, render or grout
  • May be coloured with the addition of suitable oxide powders
  • Produces highly durable flooring with or without non-slip additive