Rediprime is a single component, solvent-borne, moisture-cure, polyurethane concrete sealer with a fast 1-hour overcoat time. It prevents the formation of pinholes in Elaston or Tufflon polyurea protective coatings and is useful when fast return to service is required. For permanent immersion, Civilox-18 is the preferred primer/sealer.


  • Single component – easy to use
  • MDI – safe to use and handle
  • Low Viscosity – may be applied with brush, roller or spray
  • Can be overcoated after 1 hour
  • Prevents the formation of pinholes in Tufflon or Elaston polyurea
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Non-Flammable
Typical Uses
  • Priming concrete and previously installed coatings prior to overcoating with Tufflon or Elaston Polyurea
  • The primer/sealer of choice in situations where rapid return to service is required
  • Can also be used as a primer for steel and stainless steel prior to overcoating with polyurea